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Portfolio of completed works 

The above images show gardens carefully created to a clients brief or design.   Some were constructed from a bare patch of ground and others have been sculpted from the old garden that existed previously, to modernize the clients outdoor space.    With a focus on natural materials such as Natural Stone paving, Stone walling, Timber screening, or planting to enhance the micro-environment of these outdoor rooms.  

Garden Design & Consulatancy Service

This service is ideal for the type of client that wants a truly unique garden created to enjoy for many years to come. Recommended for clients with larger budgets available, below are some examples of previous design works that have grown from concept to completion.  I follow a professional design format to accomplish the requirements and needs of the client, and seek to design the best garden for the site, location and personalities of the clients.

Garden Trends

The following is what I currently find to be popular in the needs of clients and customers that I encounter and information that may help you with your outdoor projects!

Wildflower Meadow - Cultivated and encouraged over many years - Backwell
Wildflower Meadow Sown from Seed -Clay soil Mix - Budleigh Salterton

Gravel Gardens

Wildflower Meadows


I'm often asked about wildflower meadows and whether or not it's a good idea to incorporate one into a garden. My answer is almost certainly yes in most circumstances. 

In my own experience dealing with customers and new clients, it seems a common misconception that wildflower meadows require a lot of maintenance. Quite simply, they do not! 


The initial preparation for a wildflower meadow is often no more difficult than preparing an area for standard turf or grass seed. There are several seed compaines that now supply a wide range of wildflower meadow seed mixes and even wildflower turf that are specifically blended for different soil textures and aspects.   Once sown, a meadow can provide floral displays in the same season giving instant benefit to insects, butterflies and other invertebrates. Not to mention the benefits of long lasting colour, movement and sound it can bring to an outdoor space. At the end of the season, once the seed heads have ripened and released the seed, you simply strim or cut the meadow down to the ground and give it a good rake, raking out the thatch and dead stems. 


Now the area is prepared for next years growth!


One thing to note is that you should try to avoid creating a meadow near an ornamental lawn. The reason being is that when the wild flowers of an adjacent meadow begin to set seed they can spread to the lawn area.

I'm finding gravel gardens to be on the rise at present and why not! Gravelled gardens can cut the amount of time effort and energy needed to mow a lawn and can also reduce the amount of weeding needed to be done to maintain a border. With so many decorative aggregates are available such as moonstone, cotswold chippings, red granite etc. you can create a range of differing textures and colours in your outdoor space. It is also a relatively cheap way of changing the look of your garden. The down side to covering a large area of the garden in stone is that it can look quite baron and doesn't provide much for wildlife. Stones can go green and become algae ridden in areas of shade and the initial cost of the stone can be expensive if you're using a type that is particularly unusual.

Artificial Lawns and Surfaces


Artificial Lawns are on the rise with many companies offering a wide range of artificial surfaces and products. These surfaces can be great for school play areas, small or large back gardens and will or course eradicate any need for cutting grass during the summer. I have installed quite a few now. 

They are also a permeable surface allowing water to drain as to apposed to a slabbed or patio area that can increase the risk of flooding.

At present the cost of such as surface depends entirely on budget and how realistic you would want the lawn area to look. 


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